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Stay Secure

We as a company are committed to providing you a safer search for a matrimonial alliance and we go to great lengths to make sure that you get the best possible experience with us.

While we do all this, we urge you to play your part as a prudent user.
  • Commit to marriage only after a couple of face to face meetings, especially with the prospective match's parents/relatives. Always conduct an end-to-end background check of the person. Try to contact workplace, family, friends, relatives, neighbors or associates of a prospective match to know more about him/her.
  • If a person is reluctant to come on a video chat or to meet you in person, it should be treated as a red flag. Always choose to meet the prospective match in a public place. For your safety, we advise you to keep your family (and friends) informed about the meeting and the venue.
  • Do not share your sensitive/personal pictures while chatting with anybody you have met through our matrimonial website. We urge you not to transfer funds or offer financial help to the prospective match. The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or a pressing emergency, you should become cautious and avoid further communication.
  • A few ways to identify a Fraudster is that they will usually call from multiple numbers. Even if they give a number, they don't pick up when you call. They may later call you back from a different number.